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2013 Guitar Festival at PLU – March 16

You are invited to take part in a “Guitar Builders Exhibit” at the third annual Pacific Lutheran University Guitar Festival, which will be held on Saturday, March 16 2013 (Tacoma, WA). The festival is a full day of workshops, concerts, a listening session (moderated by Stephen Howland and featuring your guitar!) and the exhibit. The exhibit is scheduled just before the final evening faculty concert and will be free and open to the public, hopefully drawing some additional, walk-up attendees. Please visit: http://www.plu.edu/music/ensembles/workshops-and-festivals/guitar-festival/home.php for more information about the festival.

We really want to encourage your participation, and are offering a very reasonable luthiers registration price of $50, which gets you registered for both a table at the Exhibit AND the full festival, so that you are encouraged to get to know the participants during the other sessions as well. This price is indicated on the registration form, which is available here: http://www.plu.edu/music/ensembles/workshops-and-festivals/guitar-festival/documents/2013-guitar-form.pdf One very important caveat, due to PLU’s non-profit status, you are not officially allowed to “sell” a guitar during the exhibit. However, you may take an “order” or sell one afterwards at a local coffee shop, or in the parking lot!

We will also be putting up a webpage for the builders who participate in the exhibit, with as much contact information as you would like posted, here: http://www.plu.edu/music/ensembles/workshops-and-festivals/guitar-festival/home.php under the “Guitar Builder Exhibit” tab.

If you would like to participate fill out and mail in the registration form and email me your information for the “Guitar Builder Exhibit” in the following format:
Company Name
Your Name (if different)
Phone number
email address
website (this will be a link)
a brief description of yourself and/or your instruments, assuming a fairly general audience, two sentence max.

Please contact Elizabeth Brown if you’re interested.


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