Wood Technology from Italy – Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

We have a very special treat for you this month. Rick Davis and Cat Fox will be hosting a party at their shop in Fremont, and …More…

Pot Luck June 9th

Pot Yuk at Dave’s shop in, Seattle. Please bring a dish to share and any projects you’re working on or completed to share. Also bring your questions about any interests …More…

April 14th, 2015 – Seattle Luthiers Group Website Introduction and Carbon Fiber Reinforced Falcate Braced Steel String and Classical Guitar

Presentation on the seattleluthier.org website. Including updating members information and optionally providing profile information.

Falcate design presentation

Making a Falcate Classical Guitar

John Parchem will present a discussion on building …More…

March 10th 2015 – SLG Yearly Dinner – SAFFRON GRILL

Tuesday March 10, 2015. 7PM



2132 N NORTHGATE WAY SEATTLE WA 98133 P: (206) 417 0707

September 2015 – The Burn

August 2015 no meeting

February 10th 2015 – Bindings and Open Discusson on First Aid

January 12, 2015 Meeting Dave’s shop -SLG Board member Bob Hamm on Planes Chisels and Sharpening