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Neck Carving Presentation

Here is the neck carving presentation I prepared for January’s meeting



Alternative Tonewoods Tuesday April 9th 7:00

This week’s meeting topic on Tonewoods will be presented by Seattle Luthiers Group President, John Parchem.at Greg Scott’s shop in Shoreline.

Presentation: https://seattleluthiers.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/Alternative-Tonewoods-Autosaved.pdf Thank you John for last …More…

Form Fit Guitar Case Construction, Ralph Nord

Tuesday January 12 Jay Hargreaves and Ralph Nord presented their methods for building custom guitar cases.

Here is the presentation Ralph used while describing his methods. Form Fit …More…

April 2016 Cat Fox setup demonstration and tutorial.

In the April 2016 meeting Cat Fox gave a demonstration and tutorial for setting up a guitar. Check it out Cat Fox Guitar Set Up



April 14th, 2015 – Seattle Luthiers Group Website Introduction and Carbon Fiber Reinforced Falcate Braced Steel String and Classical Guitar

Presentation on the seattleluthier.org website. Including updating members information and optionally providing profile information.

Falcate design presentation

Making a Falcate Classical Guitar

John Parchem will present a discussion on building …More…