February 12 2019 Meeting

Using “G” Thang free software to design acoustic guitar bodies and make templates

Creating a guitar body shape of your own can seem daunting especially if trying to do it with pencil and paper. “G” Thang is a free CAD-type software program written by R. M. Mottola specifically for designing acoustic guitar bodies. It is straight forward and fun to use and does not require experience with CAD programs. How to use the program will be demonstrated and how to convert a finished design to a life-size template will be described.

Where: Dave Krause’s shop in Ballard
Address: 1543 NW 49th St. (behind the house), on the West side of 15th.

When: Tuesday,  February 12, 2019
Time: 7:00 PM 

Feel free to bring snacks. 

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