Preliminary 2018 meeting schedule.

The board met on January 7th 2018 and worked out a tentative schedule for the year. Also if anyone wants to participate or present on any of the topics we have planned let me know. I can be reached at

Feb, 13th Subject, Plate Joining
March, 13th,Dinner
April, 10th Guest speaker John Greven will address replacing tops
May, 15th Sharp pointy things and flat sharp things (planes and chisels)
June, 12th Swap meet
July, 22nd Family picnic
August, No meeting
September, 11th THE BURN
October, 9th Alternate backs and sides (wood, what is legal, what works)
November, 13th Tools and Jigs
December, 11th Potluck and elections

Also there is a planned workshop on Fretting be conducted in November. This will be a hands on workshop for 6 students. Details will be provided soon.


John Parchem


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