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Seattle Luthiers Group January 14 Meeting Notice and Announcement!


Happy New Year, from your new SLG president, Dave Krause!

We have plans for the year, and hope you can join us.

We will be working on a donated guitar this year, in preparation of returning it in a completed form.
As the work is done, the guitar will be the object of the meeting topic.

In January, we will discuss the cutting of the binding slots. Jay Hargreaves will demonstrate cutting them with hand tools. Dave Krause will demonstrate cutting them with power tools.
This will be at Dave’s shop in Ballard (1543 NW 49th Street 98107) at 7PM.

In February, we will discuss Neck Removal. The same guitar needs to have the neck reset, so Aaron will demonstrate his technique at his shop.

In March, we will have our dinner at Sea Garden Restaurant, conveniently located near the Light Rail station.

Then in April, come to the “Spend Your Tax Refund” auction! Start now cleaning out your shop, reviewing the wood, tools, parts you’re not using, and let us know what you’re bringing so we can let everyone know ahead of time.

Anyone with questions on membership activities, dues, or fees pleas contact me or find me or Bob Hamm at one of the meetings.

Melissa McQueen, Secretary
Seattle Luthiers Group

1 comment to Seattle Luthiers Group January 14 Meeting Notice and Announcement!

  • Hi,
    I am producing an event in North Seattle on September 27th 2015 and would like permission to send you information and the website regarding the Lake City Musician’s Swap Meet. We would love to have Seattle Luthiers Group involved in some aspect of the event.

    Do Joseph
    Lake City Musician’s Swap Meet