Seattle Luthiers Group will host John Greven on April 10 for a presentation

A description from John Greven:

What I want to illustrate are two things:  how to keep it simple and reduce the dependence on fancy tooling and secondly some of my “tricks” to improve accuracy where it’s really important and simultaneously reduce work time/effort in the process.   A small shop setting is a wonderful and I think preferable way to hand build guitars.  It also promotes the best results as so much attention can be applied to every aspect of the guitar being made.   The biggest reward is having the sheer pleasure of the process and spending so much time in “the Zone” Zen state that comes along for the ride.   See you Tuesday.
When: Tuesday April 10
Time: 7PM
Gurian Instruments Inc.
5350 30th Avenue NW
Suite H
Seattle, WA 98107
Thank you Gurian Instruments for letting us use your awesome barge for the next Luthiers Group meeting place!
Please feel free to bring in your instruments for specific questions. Also, drinks and snacks are always a welcome treat.


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