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  • Tuesday June 11 – Brush on water born lacquer

    Hello everyone! We are in for a special treat at our next meeting from Seattle Luthiers Group board member Jay de Rocher:

    Waterborne lacquer finishes can be a good alternative to traditional nitrocellulose for obtaining a high quality finish. I have been using EM6000 for six years with a simple brush-on application. I will present the method I use in detail and will provide my finishing schedule for anyone who is interested. The presentation may be of interest to anyone who may want to get away from the toxic organic solvents and fire hazards of nitrocellulose lacquers and to anyone getting started in finishing instruments since minimal equipment and supplies are needed and the method is easy to learn.

    When: Tuesday June 11
    Time: 7:00 PM
    Where: Greg Scott’s Shop16507 25th Ave NEShoreline, WA. 98155
    On the corner of 25th NE and NE 165 St. Shop is actually on 165th